Tri-mer is a manufacturer of scrubber equipment for air pollution control systems:  hot gas filtration, NOx control, catalyst filter, high temperature filter, PM2.5, ceramic filter, glass furnace emissions, submicron particulate, ESP, dioxin control.

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Whirl / Wet Dust Collection Systems

Our High Efficiency Dust Collecting Systems
have Low Operating Costs; Ideal for Dust Above 3 Microns

Whirl / Wet employs a unique process to create intensive mixing of the dust particles and water. To infuse dust particles with water droplets, the mixture is passed with high velocity through a fixed-position dual opposed blade system. The mixing of the dust-laden airstream and liquid occurs, and, to increase turbulence, a tangential airstream is injected through the lower blade assembly. Rotation is accelerated, droplets in the airstream are processed through a mist eliminator located downstream, and particulate material is deposited on the bottom of the unit for recovery or disposal. Water level is maintained automatically and make-up water is only needed to compensate for evaporation or sludge removal.

Dust Collection Systems; Dust Collecting EquipmentDust Collecting System

Whirl / Wet operates in the 99% efficiency range for a wide variety of applications, and over a wide range of micron sizes. For fine particle applications, PM2.5, submicron particulate and condensables, view our Cloud Chamber Scrubber technology.


Whirl / Wet dust collection systems are effective for soluble and insoluble particles. Applications from metal grinding to food processing are ideally suited to the Whirl / Wet. Energy generated inside the unit will not allow the system to clog under any operating conditions; so the agglomeration and sticky residues that plug baghouses are not a problem with the Whirl / Wet.

If your application involves very hot gases, Tri-Mer's Non-Ceramic Catalyst Filter combines high collecting efficiency with operation to 1650°F.

If your application requires dry dust collecting,
Tri-Mer’s Tri-Flow filter system provides MERV 16 performance.

Whirl / Wet is a frequently specified dust collection system for coal, aluminum, fertilizer and sugar dusts. It satisfies the dust elimination requirements of stone finishing and battery manufacturing. Whirl / Wet is ideal for controlling emissions from solar panel manufacturing. It is the leading dust collection system wherever metal or plastic grinding or finishing creates variable dust loadings.

Whirl / Wet is advantageous for materials recovery. Processes that were not formerly compatible with materials recovery become good candidates as a result of the Whirl / Wet. Whirl Wet uses less water than any competitive dust collection system. To demonstrate the effectiveness of Whirl Wet dust collection systems in your facility, ask about Tri-Mer's Pilot Plant Program.


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All Tri-Mer Corporation products are proudly manufactured in the USAAll Tri-Mer Corporation products are proudly manufactured in the USA