Hot Gas Filtration - buy Tri-Mer ceramic filters as they provide the world's most efficient hot gas filtration.
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Tri-Mer Ceramic Filters:
Efficient Hot Gas Filtration

The main advantage: Advanced control of SO2, HCl and NOX in one system

Ceramic filters, often called "candles" because of their solid tube shape, have been used in pollution control for decades. The original ceramic filters were manufactured from refractory grains such as alumina and pressed into the basic candle shape—a tube with a closed, rounded bottom and a flange at the top.

The filters in the Tri-Mer systems are very different. The filters start as a slurry of refractory fibers and are vacuum formed into shape. The filters are very lightweight, approximately 90% open with much lower pressure drop, self-supporting without any filter cages, robust, and have a useful service life of 5 to 10 years.

There are over 400 installations in Europe, Japan, and the U.S. The filters are made in various lengths, but it is the 3-meter (10-ft) filters that have been used in industrial applications for the last 25 years. The filters are placed in a housing similar to a baghouse.

Filter Characteristics for Tri-Mer Ceramic Filters


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Tri-Mer Ceramic Filters Efficient Hot Gas Filtration

Many filters are needed to handle large volumetric flow rates for efficient hot gas filtration.

Many filters placed in a single module. Multiple modules are operated in parallel to handle large volumetric flow rates.

Many filters are needed to handle large volumetric flow rates for efficient hot gas filtration.

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