Tri-mer is a manufacturer of scrubber equipment for air pollution control systems:  hot gas filtration, NOx control, catalyst filter, high temperature filter, PM2.5, ceramic filter, glass furnace emissions, submicron particulate, ESP, dioxin control.

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  Tri-Flow HEPA filter performance

Industrial Pleated Filters from Tri-Mer Corp.
The Performance of a HEPA Filter with a MERV 16 Rating
and Affordable, "Self-Cleaning" Technology

Compact Filters from Tri-Mer Corp: The Performance of a HEPA Filter with a MERV 16 Rating & Affordable, "Self-Cleaning" Technology

new filter system technologyTri-Flow industrial pleated filters for submicron particulate and fumes deliver performance virtually identical to a HEPA filter. They are a superior alternative to bag filters, traditional cartridge filters, and pocket filters for a broad range of applications.

Tri-Flow pleated filters have a MERV 16 rating and deliver filtration efficiencies of 99.999% on 0.5 micron and larger particles by weight. They have an exceptionally large surface area and are easy to maintain.

Other features include:

Tri-Flow industrial pleated filters deliver the performance of a HEPA filter, with a longer service life. This high-performing filter technology is used in a broad range of industries:

• motor industry • civil engineering • laser cutting • metal spraying • material handling
• cement products • CPI • metallurgy • food processing • powder coating
• pharmaceuticals • animal feed and fertilizer • asbestos disposal

To discuss how Tri-Flow industrial cartridge filters can improve your operations, call Asa Halliday, (989) 723-7838
or email:

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