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Anodizing Tanks

Ideal for chromic, sulfuric and hardcoat anodizing

PolyPropylene Tanks

Anodizing Tanks for chromic, sulfuric and hardcoat anodizing Tri-Mer brand Anodizing Tanks

Tri-Mer co-polymer insulated anodizing tanks are manufactured using 1" to 1.5" solid material, in lengths to 110' and depths to 15'.

These tanks provide exceptional resistance to corrosion, abrasion and cracking and have excellent electrical properties. They can be fabricated in a wide range of shapes.

Tri-Mer plastic tanks are made using a proprietary tank fabrication method that assures seamless structural integrity and full strength at bend sites. Anodizing tanks can be supplied with temperature controls and alarms, custom polypropylene or copolymer polypropylene hoods, ducting, and fume scrubbers.

Tri-Mer’s manufacturing technology allows these tanks to be manufactured in significantly larger sizes because thermal expansion is less of a factor. As a result, where multiple tanks would have been necessary, one anodizing tank can be used, at far less cost. Significant floor space savings can also be realized.

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