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Turnkey Project Delivery

  • Hundreds of installs worldwide

  • All systems made in USA

Tri-Mer provides turnkey engineering, manufacturing, installation, and service for its Catalytic Filter Systems.

Modern semi-automated precision steel fabrication as well as polypropylene manufacturing is housed at the facility, along with engineering, project management, and corporate functions. Visits are encouraged.

Tri-Mer World Headquarters

Tri-Mer world headquarters is a 200,000 sq. ft. facility in Owosso, Michigan, and is convenient to the Detroit DTW airport.

Housing modules are manufactured at the Tri-Mer factory in Michigan and sized for convenient shipping. In the field, the sections are lifted by crane and assembled. Filters are then installed by Tri-Mer personnel. The top section is a walk-in plenum for easy, clean maintenance access in all weather; middle section is filters; bottom section is the collection hopper with internal screw conveyor to a rotary or slide gate valve discharge.

Turnkey Installation Project

Housing modules are manufactured in three sections and tested in the factory for precise fit. The units are then taken apart in sections, shipped by truck, and reassembled in the field.

The unexcelled performance of the technology and the quality of project delivery – within budget and on time even with compressed schedules -- is the bedrock of Tri-Mer customer satisfaction. Multiple projects with established customers are the core of the business. With an emphasis on technology innovation, development and commercialization, Tri-Mer has added several new technologies – including the widespread application of the ceramic filters -- to the arsenal of pollution control options. Tri-Mer Corporation understands the importance that progressive companies place on state-of-the-art technology, accurate engineering, precision manufacturing, and on-schedule installation and start-up.

With a rapidly growing commercial base in the U.S., Tri-Mer Catalyst Filter Systems provide a way to master many of the difficult situations faced by owners, operators, and consultants in meeting air pollution control regulations.

Tri-Mer offers these turnkey systems and services:

  • Pilot testing, if necessary
  • Pollution system design & engineering (mechanical, electrical, civil, structural)
  • Site work, civil, demolition, and prep construction
  • Integrated ceramic catalyst filter systems
    • Base system of filters and housings
    • Dry Sorbent Injection for SOx, HCl
    • Ammonia Injection for NOx
    • Waste Handling
    • CEMS and Controls
  • Regulatory Agency support
  • Installation services
  • Performance guarantees
  • Aftermarket service
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• Particulate (PM 10, PM 2.5, PM 1.0)  • NOx  • SOx (SO2, SO3)  • HCl, HF  • Metals (Selenium, Arsenic …)  • Mercury   • Hexavalent Chrome  • Dioxins / Furans  • Selective VOC (Cement O-HAPS)   • Add-on CO module available

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