Technology Leader In Air Pollution Control Systems

Tri-Mer Air Pollution Control Systems

Dry Systems – hotter than 300°F

Pollutants we can remove:

Particulate Matter (PM) - PM10, PM 2.5, PM 1.0, NOx, SOx, SO2, SO3, HCl, HF Mercury, Metals, Chrome, CO, Dioxins, VOC, Cement O-HAPS

Wet Systems – cooler than 300°F

Pollutants we can remove:

NOx, Particulate Matter (PM) - PM10, PM 2.5, PM 1.0, SO2, HCl, HF, HNO3, H2SO4, CI2, NH3 Odors, Chrome, Fumes

Tri-Mer Corporation is a technology leader in air pollution control, offering both dry and wet solutions to air pollution challenges. We offer complete turnkey project delivery and project management.

Tri-Mer dry systems are based on our UltraCat catalytic filter technology. UltraCat ceramic filters are embedded with nanobits of NOx or VOC catalyst dispersed within the filter walls. Particulate (PM), SO2, HCl, metals such as chrome-6, and NOx are removed in a single all-in-one system. Acid gases such as SO2, HCl, and HF are treated by a proprietary approach to dry sorbent injection using hydrated lime, SBC, or trona. Dioxins, cement O-HAPS and many organic compounds are also destroyed by the proprietary catalyst. Tri-Mer is the largest provider of catalytic ceramic filter systems in the world, with a larger installed base than all other providers combined.

Tri-Mer wet systems benefit from almost 60 years of solid operations success. We offer the complete spectrum of wet equipment, including the Whirl/Wet dust collector, packed-bed tower scrubbers, crossflow scrubbers, chrome scrubbers, and the Tri-NOx Multi-Chem system for removal of NOx on applications involving low temperatures and high removal efficiency requirements. Commonly removed pollutants include PM10, SO2, HCl, HF, Cl2, odors, and chrome-3.

Tri-Mer has one of America’s largest fabrication facilities for PVC, polypropylene, and other plastics. Custom fabrication projects include dipping tanks, process hoods, and vessels of all shapes and sizes.

The Tri-Mer portfolio includes more than 6000 systems worldwide.

  • Latest News
  • UltraCat Filter System
    O-I, one of the world’s leading container glass manufacturers, is in operation with two new Tri-Mer systems at their Vernon, California location.

    The Vernon site is located in the Los Angeles basin and is under the jurisdiction of the South Coast AQMD, which enforces environmental requirements exceeding those of the US EPA. With the successful implementation of the California systems, O-I has also awarded Tri-Mer additional projects at Streator, Illinois and at a JV site in Colorado.

  • UltraCat Filter System
    Fuyao Glass America has chosen the Tri-Mer UltraCat Filter System to control furnace emissions on its manufacturing plant in Mt Zion, IL.

    The primary product of the Mt. Zion site is automotive glass. In 2015, Fuyao established its first manufacturing plants in the U.S. to supply glass to Fuyao’s auto glass facility in Dayton Ohio, which is the largest in the world. General Motors, Ford, BMW, Honda, Bentley and many others use Fuyao glass in their new automobiles. Tri-Mer Corp. is proud to be a part of Fuyao’s strong commitment to environmental compliance. Fuyao is the world’s leading supplier of automotive glass.

  • UltraCat Filter System
    Tri-Mer has been awarded two float glass projects by Cardinal Glass Industries.

    The Tri-Mer UltraCat system is in harmony with Cardinal’s philosophy of operating the most efficient glass plants in the world.

From assessment and engineering, to construction and commissioning, Tri-Mer provides turnkey project management

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